Economic Development

Economic Development: David Gaines to meet with Commission

Court NOT In Session

County Commission closed - Election Supply Pick-Up Day

Court in Session

Commissioner's Office MO, United States

Stan Falke and Everett Shields will be present in the Commissioner's Office the Morning of Wednesday, November 04, 2022.

Courthouse CLOSES at 11:30am

The Courthouse will close at 11:30am for the County Employee Recognition Luncheon, and will reopen Wednesday, December 07, 2022 at regular business hours(8:30am-4:30pm).

Christmas Open House

Join us at the Courthouse for Christmas Cookies and a cup of good Cheer. Plus vote on your favorite decorated door.

Missouri Extension

Missouri Extension to meet with Commission to present their 2023 Budget

Wilson Company

Wesley O'Neal and Associate with Wilson Company has some questions about the RFQ BRO(85) Bid.